Below are remaining dates and times of my two-part video on "Alcholism Myths and Realities" (Santa Cruz, California public access channels 27 or 73):
Alcoholism Myths and Realities (Part 1 of 2)
  • Sun,  06/06/10, 01:00 PM PDT, Channel 27/73
  • Wed, 06/02/10, 07:00 PM PDT, Channel 27/73
  • Wed, 06/02/10, 06:30 PM PDT, Channel 27/73
Alcoholism Myths and Realities (Part 2 of 2)
  • Sun,  06/06/10, 01:30 PM PDT, Channel 27/73
  • Fri,    06/04/10, 09:00 PM PDT, Channel 27/73
Because an Intervention saves lives!  Statistics show that 80 to 90 % of those who receive professionally led interventions go into treatment.  Family members are also helped. However, many people, even professionals and those in recovery tell you, "LET THEM HIT BOTTOM—THEY NEED TO HIT BOTTOM" or "You can’t help an Alcoholic/addict until their READY", meaning there is nothing you can do for your loved one or employee but LET GO. 

This is a mistaken myth. What is a bottom?? Waiting helplessly for your loved one or employer to “come to their senses” with a brain that has been damaged by alcohol and/or drug abuse can bring on devastating consequences;divorce, loss of jobs, loss of children and much more.   There are better choices.  The important question to ask is....




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